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Australia Saturday Lotto Results


Australia - Saturday Lotto
AUD$ 4,000,000
Play Australia Saturday Lotto online and benefit from amazing winning odds, seven prize categories, and tax-free prizes! Don't miss out on the chance to match one of seven winning combinations in the next Saturday Lotto results draw!






This classic Aussie Lotto offers players the chance to win amazing prizes every Saturday. The Australian Saturday Lotto is frequently listed in theLotter’s theSmart category which features the best lottery odds for the optimum cost-benefit ratio. The Australia-Saturday Lotto is known throughout the country by a variety of names depending on the territory: the Tattslotto, the Gold Lotto, the X Lotto, and finally the Lotto or Saturday Lotto.

Australia Saturday Lotto History

In 1972, the government of Victoria gave the Tattersalls Company the right to open an Ozzie lotto, and in June of the same year the Australia Saturday Lotto was drawn for the first time. To date, the largest jackpot won was AUD$ 47.9 million (US $49 million) in April of 2008. 

Australia Saturday Lotto Rules

Players select 6 numbers out of a guess range of 1-45. Six numbers are called to match the jackpot and two bonus numbers (which are not selected by the player and are used for secondary prizes only) are drawn from the same drum. Players can play with 6 or 12 line entry forms and can choose their numbers manually (Natural Selection), have them randomly selected (Quick Pick), or choose to use saved number from their account (My Numbers). Additionally, the Australia Saturday Lotto offers systematic forms of 8, 9, 10 and 11 numbers which produce all possible combinations of the selected numbers and increase the chances of winning a prize. Players interested in keeping up with this lottery’s draws and enjoying significant discounts may wish to purchase a Multi-Draw or Subscription available exclusively at

Lottery ticket sales close approximately 5 hours prior to the drawings which take place every Saturday at 10:45 GMT when the numbers are drawn on live T.V. from a random number selector machine. The Australia Saturday Lottery results are available on on Saturday at approximately 11:30 GMT.

Winning the Australia Saturday Lotto

There are seven prize categories, and Australian Saturday Lotto players must successfully guess 6/45 balls to take home the jackpot. The bonus balls are used for winning the secondary prizes in 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th prize divisions. The Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot starts at AUD$4 million (US$4.28 million) and grows with no rollover or jackpot cap allowing for an unlimited jackpot.

The well-known and impressive odds of winning a prize in the Australian Saturday Lotto are one of the reasons many players love this Aussie lottery which promises that 1 out of 31 players win a prize. To date, the largest jackpot won was AUD$ 47.9 million (US $49 million) in April of 2008.

Australia Saturday Lotto Statistics

Lottery fans keen on learning some helpful tips about the game’s numbers may find these facts helpful. The Australia Saturday Lotto’s most frequently drawn numbers are currently: 12, 13, 11, 15, 33, 22, 18, 24, 10, 1 and 41. The most infrequently drawn numbers are currently: 2, 28, 36, 45, 34, 44, 16, 37, and 20.

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Australia Saturday Lotto Special Draws

Approximately seven times a year, usually around OZ holidays or special events, the Australian Saturday Lotto hosts a Super Lotto (which has different names depending on the territory in which it is played) where the starting jackpot takes off from between AUD$ 20- AUD$ 30 million and grows from there. There are no taxes on the jackpot or secondary prizes which are always paid out in a lump sum (a one-time payment). It is played identically to every other draw.

Like the Superdraw, the Australia Saturday Lotto also has special Megadraw event. This draw is only held during the end-of-the-year holidays and boasts jackpots of up to AUD$ 30 million and over. 

Australia Saturday Lottery Winning Numbers

The Australia Saturday Lotto Results bring excitement to every weekend. Read about Saturday Lotto Australia super draws, which raise the lottery jackpot to a whole new level about seven times a year by bumping the AU$ 4 million base prize up to between AU$ 20 million and AU$ 30 million. Combined with the Saturday Lotto’s renowned winning odds, the enormous jackpots offered in the super draws guarantee that millions of dollars are distributed!

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