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California - SuperLotto Plus
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California SuperLotto results have produced top prizes including a $193 million jackpot in 2002 and a $72 million prize in 2007. Enter now for the chance to win the next huge CA SuperLotto jackpot online, or one of eight impressive secondary prizes offered every Wednesday and Saturday.






The California SuperLotto Plus lottery made important contributions to the Sunshine State’s fortune, paying out more than $27 billion in prize money since it was created. The SuperLotto regularly offers attractive prizes which brush shoulders with multi-state lotteries such as USA Mega Millions and USA Powerball multi-state lottery

California Super Lotto History

The California Super Lotto was founded in November 1984 and became the Super Lotto Plus in 2000. The lottery’s founding mission was to provide supplemental funding for public schools and colleges in the state. The lottery is known both locally and internationally for its impressive prizes which include $193 million 2002 and $72 million in 2007.

California SuperLotto Rules

To play, select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 47 and one additional number (Mega number) from a guess range of 1-27 in a 5 line entry form. The additional number enables players to win supplementary prizes (4+PB, 3+PB, 2+PB, 1+PB, and 0+PB) and is necessary to complete the winning number selection.

At the time of the drawing, the regular guess set and mega number are drawn from separate drums. In order to ensure a fair game, the drums and sets of balls are chosen at random prior to the draw. All lottery apparatuses are periodically inspected to ensure the integrity of the game.

When playing the lottery online, players can choose numbers manually (Natural Selection), have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick), or draw the number selection from saved numbers in account (My Numbers).

Winning numbers are drawn and videotaped every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:57 local time (3:57 GMT, the next day) at the lottery headquarters in Sacramento and ticket sales close approximately 3 hours prior to the draw. The California SuperLotto results are available at at approximately 8:00 GMT on Thursday and Sunday.

Winning the California SuperLotto

The California SuperLotto Plus has 9 different prize categories, including a prize for matching the Mega number alone. To claim the California SuperLotto Plus jackpot, players must correctly guess 5 regular guesses in addition to Mega Ball. The SuperLotto Plus jackpot starts at $7 million.

As of 11th May 2013, the California Lottery Commission increased the length of annuity payments to 30 years, falling in line with changes made by several in-state and multi-state US lotteries. Jackpot winners can select to collect their prize in 30 annual payments or receive a lump sum. California state taxes claim 30% of the prize money.

California SuperLotto Plus winners have 180 days from the day of the draw in which to claim their prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be added to the fund for public education. enables customers to keep up with California SuperLotto Plus jackpots and rollovers while enjoying ultimate value with a Subscription for every 10th entry free or a Multi-Draw package for up to 25% off the regular cost of participation when purchasing draws in advance.

Visit California SuperLotto's official site here

California SuperLotto Statistics

Since April 2010, 87% of lottery sales are returned to the public in the form of prizes or contributions to public education. The California Lottery creates more than $1 billion in revenue a year for public K-12 education and public colleges. The funds designated for public education are divided in the following manner: 63% of funds are dedicated to teachers’ salaries, 20% of funds are spent on classroom materials; and the remaining funds benefit a variety of other educational programs.

The most frequently drawn numbers are currently: 15, 20, 26, 33, 35, and 13.

The least frequently drawn numbers are currently: 40, 37, 1, 9, 44, 2, and 8. California Winners

A customer playing the lottery online with theLotter, "A" from Australia, was one number short of winning the California SuperLotto Plus jackpot in the lottery’s 2011/2531 draw which took place on July 6th, 2011. While playing the state lottery with a Subscription for every tenth entry free, A. won the second place prize with five correct guesses for a prize worth $12,846!

CA SuperLotto Lottery Winning Numbers

The California SuperLotto results offer nine incredible prize categories in each draw! CA SuperLotto tickets create a jackpot win by correctly guessing all five main numbers and one additional number. The biggest online lottery winner for this draw was an Australian player who won the $18,366 California SuperLotto second prize in 2011 with theLotter.