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France - Loto
€ 6,000,000
Don’t miss the chance to match all six numbers in the next France Loto results, held each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday! The lottery jackpot gains momentum quickly, adding €1 million to the prize pool with each rollover. Buy France Loto tickets for a 1 in 16 chance of winning a lotto prizes!






The France Loto is a fan favourite that holds the potential for exciting rollovers with three weekly draws. France’s premier lottery offers some of Europe’s most notable national lotto jackpots combined with impressive winning odds that make the lottery a frequent favourite on the both theLotter’s theBig and theSmart lottery categories.

France Loto History

King Francis I first brought the lottery to France in 1505. Although the Medieval draw did not resemble the advanced double matrix lottery design of the France Loto today, the French established a precedent of great winning odds and impressive jackpots over five centuries ago.

The France Loto was formed by La Française des Jeux, the official French lottery organization, in 1976. In its first few decades, the France Loto created 7,900 millionares and doled out more than 4.1 billion francs in prizes. Since France adopted the Euro in 2002, the France has catapulted 150 lucky players to multimillionaire status.

The biggest claimed jackpot to date was €24 million (US$35,000,000).

France Loto Rules

The France Loto uses a two-drum system to randomly pick winning numbers for each draw. In order to participate in the France Loto, select 5 numbers in a guess range of 1 through 49. Then, select one additional number, called a “Lucky Number”, between 1 and 10. The Lucky Number is selected by the player from a different guess range and will be selected from a separate drum in the drawing.

Participate in lotto online with a one-time entry of 3 or 5 blocks or systematic form of 7-9 numbers to play all possible combinations of selected numbers and increase the chances of winning a prize. Players can select numbers manually (Natural Selection), have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick), or draw the number selection from saved numbers on (My Numbers).

Draws take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 18:30 GMT, closing an average of 3 hours prior on theLotter. Check lottery results on at 19:30 GMT, and take advantage of the lottery’s notable winning odds with a Subscription or Multi-Draw package to benefit from incredible savings exclusively at theLotter.

France Loto fans can also check results on the official website here.

Winning the France Loto

In order to win the first prize, a player must match all 5 out of 49 numbers drawn and the additional number, pulled from a pool with a guess range of 1- 10. The France Loto offers a variety of prize categories that range from 5+1 to the match 0+PB prize category, which awards players a cash prize for guessing the additional number alone.

The France Loto’s starting jackpot is €2 million and it has great rollover potential. Each time the jackpot goes untouched, the prize will increase by €1 million in the next drawing. Lucky jackpot winners can collect their tax-free first prize in a cash lump sum. In the event of multiple winners, the jackpot will be divided equally among the participants. All winning entries must be collected within 60 days of the draw date.

To date, the biggest France Loto jackpot won was €24 million on June 6th, 2011. The jackpot’s cap is set at a maximum of 36 rollovers. The France Loto is known for its impressive winning odds, which promise that 1 in 16 players walk away a winner.

France Loto Anecdotes

One in a Billion- One man in Southern France struck gold with the France Loto’s Jackpot twice. An industrial worker from Montpellier, this Frenchman was fortunate enough to cash in a €2.8 million France Loto jackpot in 1996. When he collected his winnings, lottery officials asked him to continue supporting the lottery. So, the man continued entering his set of numbers, which he had been using since the lottery’s inception in 1976,and won a second France Loto jackpot, worth €3 million, in July 2011. While he had invested his first winnings in business, the man chose to set aside his second jackpot money for his children’s inheritance. French lottery officials at La Française des Jeux calculated that there  is “one in more than a billion chance” of taking home the jackpot twice.

France Loto Lottery Winning Numbers

Check France Loto Results to see the six winning lottery numbers that create the tax-free jackpot and all secondary prizes in each draw. The France Loto online often ranks on theSmart list, due to the high winning odds and the great cost-benefit ratio it offers lottery ticket holders.